Take me with you into your heart, and we can sleep through restless nights together.

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I love nights when I can cuddle with the man I love and fall asleep to music. It’s the most beautiful way to fall asleep next to the absolute love of my life. He’s my rock, he’s my laughter in rough spots, he’s the smile I need most at the end of a long day. My heart has never been filled with so much love, most days words will never suffice. I’m lucky and grateful to have such beauty constantly in my life. The nights when i can feel his skin against mine and know how much love flows through us is more than enough to turn my day around. The most handsome man in the world chose to lay next to me every night.

I love you, Todd. Truly.

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Some things that should be acceptable by now:

  • Girls having sleepovers with boys.
  • Female nipples showing.
  • Marriage equality and equality in general.
  • Doing what you want with your body.
  • Wearing what you want,
  • Kinder eggs in America.

For a second I thought you meant eggs should be nicer to people

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"Did Bergdahl make a horrible mistake in judgment, or worse, when he left his base? Probably. Did some American troops die in combat because of the search for Bergdahl or related events. Possibly. But we should also talk about the fact that we sent thousands of American soldiers into a war that has lasted a remarkable 13 years, and the longer that a war lasts, the more heartbreaking, soul-crushing things are going to happen. It’s even more tragic when our leaders can’t even articulate why our troops — Bergdahl, the ones who went looking for him, the ones who will be there even after the war was supposed to end later this year — are even in Afghanistan anymore."

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